SMS Cinta Dalam Bahasa Inggris (Bagian 2)

SMS Cinta Dalam Bahasa Inggris (Bagian 2)

Bagi anda yang tengah berkasmaran tentunya akan kerapkali mencari ungkapan kata cinta untuk dikirimkan kepada pasangan anda, baik melalui SMS, BBM, Tweet, Wall dsb. Situs Kata-Kata Mutiara pernah menuliskan koleksi SMS Cinta dalam bahasa Indonesia dalam tulisan – tulisan sebelumnya kedalam beberapa bagian yang terpisah (bersambung).

Pada tulisan kali ini, juga akan menyajikan koleksi SMS Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris yang bisa anda kirimkan kepada orang yang anda sayangi atau yang tak terlupakan oleh anda. Selamat mengikuti! :-)

SMS Cinta Dalam Bahasa Inggris (Bagian 2)

SMS Cinta Bahasa Inggris

“I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each others dreams, we can be together all the time”

“I wish i was a tear drop! Born in your eyes, like on your cheeks and die on your lips”

“I would hear yet once before i perish, the voice which was my-music-Speak to me!”

“I Would rather have eyes that cannot see; ears that cannot hear; lips that cannot speak, than a heart that cannot love”

“If I can choose the location to be reborn, I would want a place where there is sunshine, blue sky, stars at nite, dreams and there must be you whom I love:

“If i had the letters HRT, i could add EA to get HEART or U to get HURT than have a HEART without U”

“If i were a tear in your eye i would roll down onto your lips. But if you were a tear in my eye i would never cry as i would be afraid to lose you”

“Im not rushing into being in love. Im finding fourth grade hard enough”

“Immature love says:
I love you because i need you
Mature love says:
I need you because i love you”

Is your dad a thief or something? Because someone stole the stars and put them into your eyes!”

“Last night i huged you my pillow and dreamt of you. I wish that someday i’d dream about my pillow and i’d be hugging you”

“Let our love be like mathematics, joy is added, sorrow is substracted, wealth multiplied and divided”

“Love in it’s truest form has no language or words, it just has a thousand and one actions, we all wish we could describe”

“Love is a decision not an emotional or feeling, that if made from the heart will outlast anything”

“Love is a symbol of eternity, that wipes away all sense of time, removing all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end”

“Love is an emotion. A woman always feels for her poodle, and sometimes for a man”

“Love is like beautiful sunset – you enjoy every minute of it, but when it’s finally disappears, you long for it to return again”

“Love is like playing piano, 1st you must learn to play by the rules. Then you must forget the rules and play from your heart”

“Love is like war!  Easy to start, difficult to end, imposible to forget!”

“Love is more than a feeling, it’s a state of mind”

“Love is the power which can make you or break you. Every time i close my eyes your love is all around”

“Love is watchful and sleeping, slumbereth not. Though weary, it is not tired. Though pressed, it is not straitened. Though alarmed, it is not confounded”

“Loving you is not how you forget, but how you forgive. Not how you listen, but how you understand, not what you see, but how you feel, and not how you hold on”

“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footporints in your heart”

“My faith for, are bigger than Titanic ship, so is my heart that drowned in love is deeper than Atlantic. If the Titanic belongs to the Atlantic then I to YOU”

“My friend, let’s not think of tommorow, but let’s enjoy this fleeting moment of life”

“One can care little for man, but we need a friend”

“One day you will ask me “what’s more important to you, me or your life?” I’ll say “my life” & you will go & leave without even knowing that you are my life..”

“Scroll down..ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTVWXYZ. It seems incomplete. Did i miss something? Yeah, I miss U, now it’s complete because of U”

“Since i meet you, the words we is more magical then U & I”

“So far beyond the sun, so deep beneath my dreams. I hear you whisper my name. Look at me, i am just a dismal picture of man, please GOD wake me!”

Demikianlah koleksi SMS Cinta dalam Bahasa Inggris  (Bagian 2). Kumpulan SMS Cinta Bahasa Inggris lainnya akan dilanjutkan pada bagian berikutnya. Selamat mengikuti! :-)

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SMS Cinta Dalam Bahasa Inggris (Bagian 2)